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Our NC Unemployment Lawyers

Representing Claimants at North Carolina Unemployment Appeal Hearings

Our North Carolina Unemployment Appeal Practice

At Appeal the Decision®, our North Carolina unemployment lawyers take pride in providing zealous and affordable legal representation to individuals who have been unfairly denied  North Carolina Unemployment Benefits.  Specifically, we focus our employment security law practice on representing  claimants at North Carolina Unemployment Appeal Hearings before the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Division of Employment Security.Over the years, we’ve helped countless claimants win their North Carolina unemployment appeal hearings.

Our North Carolina Unemployment Lawyers

All of our North Carolina Unemployment Lawyers are North Carolina licensed attorneys. Moreover, we never delegate the task of preparing and presenting your unemployment appeal to non-attorneys and/or associate attorneys from out of state.

Our NC Unemployment Lawyers Work On Contingency

Unlike most unemployment law firms, we work on a contingency basis, meaning there is absolutely no legal fees unless you win your North Carolina unemployment appeal. Moreover, there are no other up-front fees or cost.  If you don’t win, you don’t pay…it’s just that simple.

Our North Carolina Unemployment Appeal Lawyers Practice All Across North Carolina

While our office is centrally located in the Raleigh-Durham area, we provide legal representation at North Carolina Unemployment Hearings to claimants all across North Carolina.  Moreover, since the vast majority of North Carolina unemployment hearings are conducted by telephone, our client’s hardly ever need to travel to our office, unless they prefer to visit us in person.

Representation at All Stages of the North Carolina Unemployment Appeals Process

While we typically get involved at the unemployment appeal hearing stage, we are available to assist claimants with every aspect of the appeals process.  If need be, we can help claimants with filing their claim. We can also assist with filing a statement of appeal. Finally, we can assist with higher level appeals before the Commission Panel, appeals in Superior Court and appeals to the North Carolina Court of Appeals.